Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Turkey, the lowest figures out of the OECD nations in educational attainment

Turkey has the lowest figures in the OECD for education attainment. In 2009, the last figures available, only 18.3% finished upper secondary schooling(high school).[1] Further, the population of Turkey that is totally illiterate, is roughly the size of Denmark's population at 5.6 million.[2] In addition to all that, according to a poll almost 70% of Turks said they never read a book in their whole lives and 9 out of 10 never took a single holiday abroad(meaning they are poor, provincial and ignorant)![3] Adding to their humilitation, 10 million Greeks publish almost twice as many new title books every year, compared to 74+ million Turk-rab-Kurds of Turkey.[4] Worst of all, 21.1% of Turks nationally are inbred retards![5]

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[5.] Consanguineous marriage in Turkey and its impact on fertility and mortality:
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7 years of education only in Turkey:

The Young Lack Human Capital:
The data from the Household Labor Force Survey 2009, released by TurkStat, show that only 50.4 percent of young women and 57.1 percent of young men are enrolled in school.