Wednesday, August 7, 2013

13-year-old raped by 29 people in Western Turkey

Anadolu Agency: Turkish press review
        11 April 2013
A 13-year-old girl [was] raped by 29 people, including a petty officer and students, in western Golcuk. Daily Milliyet said with her teacher's efforts a secret investigation was launched and 29 people were taken into custody in charges of having intercourse with the underaged and blackmailing. 8 of them, including the petty officer, were arrested. The girl is under psychological treatment.
Note: Gölcük is in Western Turkey where the allegedly advanced white Turks of the fake secular type tend to preponderate.


  1. In fact Gölcük is the main base of the turkish navy, a "castle" of kemalism.

    Duke Nukem

  2. Duke:
    There are actually two locations with that name. I updated the post to include a link to the Wikipedia article explaining that.

    Anyway that is not pertinent. As you know from interactions with the North Koreanesque Turks it is always: "those are Kurds," when their horrible national behavior is pointed out.