Sunday, February 17, 2013

Turkish males misbehave amongst scantily clad female beach-goers

Many people have a false perception of Turks as secular and anti-Islamic because of the hard work they have done in propagating their official state narrative, which runs counter to reality on the ground. However, this is how many Mehmets behave when they are surrounded by sexually liberated and barely clad Western female tourists:

Tragic images were recorded by the lens of HABERTURK at the public beach in Marmara, Turkey

They get out of the sea in front of women with white briefs. 

This is how he looks at a tourist.

This is how they look at tourists during their their afternoon sunbathing. 

This is how he gives her a harassing gaze. 

This is how they look at women at the moment they bend down. 

This is how they bother a group of tourists. 

Like it was a cafeteria. 

Two young men at three tourists. 

They get in the sea with their underpants. 

Haberturk 11/7/2012  
via Greek blog that translates articles from the Turkish press)

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  1. dude you can probably find examples of any male from any nationality fucking a boiled chicken. that doesn't mean all are like that.