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Turkish sexual morals and prostitution

If you allow almost any Turk to obtain a platform they will lecture you about the chastity, respect for values and woman within Turkish society and contrast it to the decadence of Western civilization. However according to the German-Turkish writer Seyran Ates, sex with one's wife has been reduced to something perfunctory, with Turkish husbands openly going to brothels for enjoyment. Not only that but according to Wikileaks in Turkey those brothels are populated mostly by either Turkish or foreign infidel/gavur woman forced into prostitution. Thus it is obvious which civilization is the more moral one. 
Wikileaks: UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 08 ANKARA 001622



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¶5.  Published by Sabah on Friday, March 3, written by Fatih
TITLE:  Those who force children into prostitution


BEGIN TEXT:  Sabah, for the past two days has been publishing a sad story that turns our stomachs.  This is the story of kids who were dragged into prostitution.  Girls as young as 12 and 13 are being sold in front of police in Istanbul.  They are somehow being taken out of state- controlled centers and being dragged into prostitution.
These poor girls could be our daughters.

...  Meanwhile, I learned that the person behind the child prostitution is
Serpil from Kayseri.  Her real name is Cemile Aydin.  She is
involved in child prostitution.

Authorities took action 23 times against this woman and her brothel where she employs children.  It was raided most
recently on October 9, 2005.  She was captured while forcing
girls to prostitute themselves.  This house was raided again
late last night. She was released by the court in which she appeared.  Child prostitution is the biggest shame in civilized countries, but it is openly conducted in Turkey. And one of those who are responsible for this is wandering freely, despite the fact that she was captured 23 times. 

¶8.  Published by Sabah on Wednesday, March 8:

TITLE:  Guardian Angel of Modern Slaves

BEGIN TEXT:  Selin Arslan, who works in the International Organization for Migration's fight against human trafficking office, and who is also the coordinator for public relations, is extending her helping hand to Ukrainian, Moldovan and Russian women drug into prostitution in Turkey. 
Arslan, along with her professional team, works like a
detective following information coming to the 157 hotline
operated by such women.

The 157 hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Operators speak Russian, Romanian, English and Kyrgyz.

In 14 months, 248 of 290 women victims were sent back to their countries and 98 percent of those women were forced into prostitution, while two percent were used as domestic
help.  END TEXT.

¶10.  Reported by Yeni Safak, Radikal, and Aksam on Saturday,
March 11:

TITLE:  Pinar's Tragedy

BEGIN TEXT:  The life of Pinar O. (16), who was one of the
two women shot in the head and killed in Eregli, Konya,
brought into question why we cannot protect our children.

When she had nowhere to go, she took shelter at the house of
G.E., who reportedly forced her into prostitution.  When she was forced into relationships with men, she fled and took shelter with the police.  Six people were detained for keeping her and leading her into prostitution by force.  The policemen that she accused were found not guilty in the investigation.  ...


¶11.  Published by Vatan on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE:  Prostitution in a hot tub

BEGIN TEXT:  The Jandarma, which got a tip that prostitution
was being conducted at the Sultaniye Hot Springs in
Koycegiz, Mugla, conducted a "Circle Operation" that
encircled the hot springs with three teams of officers.  Ali ¶A. (30), a municipality worker who allegedly forced foreign women into prostitution, and his brother, Arif A. (39), and his Azeri wife Aygun A. (27), who was deceiving women with job offers, were detained.  Ukrainian Valencia M., who
allegedly was forced into prostitution was rescued.

...  It was claimed that the gang members have been bringing women from abroad to Mugla with job offers and forcing them into prostitution.
¶14.  Reported by Radikal on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE:  Blow to the prostitution on board gang

BEGIN TEXT:  Police saved 29 women, most of whom were foreigners, when it cracked down on a prostitution ring in Fethiye, Mugla.  ...

The Mugla Police Organized Crime and Smuggling Department,
upon complaints by tourism agents and local businessmen,
began to follow a prostitution ring.  Following a two-month
surveillance, it raided 24 separate sites last Tuesday and
detained 19 people.  ...

The ring kept the women in their houses or hotels, had even rented a three-story hotel, and forced them into prostitution.  From time to time, they were providing prostitution services on board a rented boat.  The gang
members confiscated the passports of the foreign women and threatened those who wanted to return home by saying that they would throw hydrochloric acid on them. 
...  M.K., who was detained,
was working for the Tblisi police.  ...  END TEXT.

¶15.  Published by Sabah on Saturday, March 11, written by
Fatih Altayli:

TITLE:  A raid on a brothel

BEGIN TEXT:  Some time ago, Sabah published reports exposing
the prostitution scandal in Beyoglu.  This situation brought
to agenda indeed has been disturbing to those who have lived
in Tarlabasi for a long time.

People living in that neighborhood and hotel owners many
times filed official complaints to the Istanbul Governor's
office and the Provincial Tourism Director.  They asked
officials to stop what was going on.  They even gave the
addresses of the houses involved in prostitution.  Later
came the comedy.  The Governor and Provincial Tourism
Director referred the issue to the police.

The police first collected the women working on the street
and transsexuals.  Certainly, prostitution did not end.
There was a need to carry out an operation on the brothel.
They applied to the prosecutor, who gave the go ahead for a
single search.  The operation was then carried out.  Let me
read the rest from the official document that was prepared
after the operation. "When we went to the buildings numbered 18 and 24 on X Street, and numbers 9 and 14, we noticed that their doors were closed.  We rang the bells many times, but nobody responded.  We concluded that there was nobody inside and we did not conduct a search."  Policemen in official uniforms knocked on the doors of the brothels and when nobody answered the door, they decided not to conduct an operation. 
What were the policemen expecting?  Were they expecting someone to tell them, "Welcome.  Let me offer you something"?  END TEXT.


¶17.  Published by Radikal on Sunday, March 12:

TITLE:  Valentyna saved

BEGIN TEXT:  Ukrainian Valentyna Butkova, who fell into a
prostitution web, was saved by a Jandarma operation.

The 24-year-old primary school teacher was deceived earlier by Ali Altindal (42), who works temporarily in the Koycegiz Municipality, and his Azeri wife Aygul Altindal.  They offered her a job.  Altindal took her passport and sold her
to men at the Sultaniye hot springs where his brother A.A.

...  END TEXT.

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